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Change Management services

Change Management services

Every transformation program involves a great deal of change which requires careful management to ensure success.

From strategic planning to delivery and implementation, our highly experienced change management team has extensive experience managing large change programs in WA organisations.

We bring the latest change tools and methodology to partner with you and develop a bespoke and outcome driven change program. Our tailored approach to every project can help ensure success in your next organisational transformation program.

How we can help your business

Our change management professionals have blended skill sets and work across our Digital Transformation, Performance Improvement and Strategy services lines. We hold a wealth of experience in managing all types of change, from behaviour change to digital adoption – ensuring you realise value through your transformative programs.

Churchill is recognised in the WA market for achieving quality results, and our local people bring WA knowledge and strong relationships.

Our approach to change is flexible and our toolkit can be tailored to every client’s situational needs. 

Our services

We offer a flexible change toolkit that can be tailored to every situation.
Our services include:
• Strategic change & strategy alignment
• Leadership workshops & facilitation
• Communication strategy, planning & delivery
• Stakeholder engagement strategy, planning & delivery
• Change impact diagnostics & planning
• Business readiness
• Capability building & training
• Culture change

Our process

At Churchill, we know that people are at the centre of change.

Our approach is tailored to your needs and is always underpinned by best practice change management theories and proven methodologies to de-risk any project being delivered.

Our engagement techniques focus on bringing people along the change journey, moving hearts and minds to create a high impact for your organisation.

Our Methodologies

  • Best practice methods
  • Integrated design thinking processes
  • Innovative tools for diagnostics
  • Delivery & decisions based on data

Core framework

We consider change in the context of technology, people, process and organisational impact, underpinned by effective leadership and vision.

Case studies and Insights

Project Rescue:

Taking change off critical path:

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