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Managing change to take it off the critical path

Managing change to take it off the critical path

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When our client undertook a large change to its operational technology that manages its extensive infrastructure assets, it was more than just the technology that changed.

Given our client operates in a highly regulated industry, the technology upgrade also required significant changes to the governance, which required significant consultation and stakeholder engagement both internally within the organisation and externally.

Churchill was engaged to support this change management process within a defined timeframe and to ensure the changes to the policies were managed through a well-defined structured process, including regulatory compliance.

What Churchill did

As experienced change management practitioners with a proprietary approach to change management, Churchill took and end-to-end approach to unpack the complexity of the operational governance change, understand the external and internal stakeholders, and plan activities and milestones across a nearly ten-month change period.

“We kicked off the process by sitting down with our client and worked closely with all aspects of the business to get a strong understanding of all the key stakeholders, their needs and concerns,” said Lindsey Phillips, Senior Manager at Churchill.

“The resulting change management plan then took into account all those internal and external groups, and having conducted strong stakeholder engagement, we were able to get quick buy-in and eliminate possible roadblocks before we even started.”

As part of implementing the change management plan, Churchill also:

• Managed the overall governance, including governing committee with GM level representation
• Managed the training department to prepare and deliver all the required training courses
• Managed the operational SME group to evaluate and assess the changes to policies
• Managed the external expert assessment of the changes
• Developed communication activities at each stage of the project, from ensuring stakeholder engagement at the outset of the project, to communication activities and drafting and issuing key messages.

The result

Over a period of nine months, Churchill successfully implemented an extensive change management program and paved the path for the implementation of new technologies.

Said the client: “Churchill, through their change approach maintained consistent engagement with key stakeholder groups and a key focus on the overall project delivery date which kept the change management off the critical path.”

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