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The Churchill Effect

The Churchill Effect

The Churchill Effect is our program through which we partner with groups and organisation who are creating real impact in the community and support their objectives through the use of our time, talent and passion of our team.

We look for initiatives to support that:

• Are aligned to Churchill’s purpose of building a more vibrant and prosperous WA
• Will create lasting benefits for the community
• Can deliver the maximum impact for our investment
• Allow our staff to engage through Churchill on projects that they are passionate about

Genuine engagement from our staff is essential to the success of the Churchill Effect. Each year the staff submit potential initiatives and vote for their preferred options based on the criteria above. They are also provided with the opportunity to take a role on the governing committee which changes annually.

Focus areas for the Churchill Effect programs include:

• Community services
• Health and wellbeing of our community
• Environment
• Arts
• Education

Our current Churchill Effect activities include supporting organisations like the Koya Aboriginal Corporation.